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VU Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge

VU Rooftop boasts three bars and two patios, offering a unique eating, drinking, and lounge experience. Experience a locally-driven beverage program and the highest quality dining, with unparalleled views of the lake and downtown. Set in a modern space, VU Rooftop is part of Concentrics Restaurants.
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Starbucks is the beacon for coffee lovers and you can enjoy all your favorite barista specials at Hiltons at McCormick Place. Here you’ll find the perfect spot for working remotely, gathering with friends, or for coffee on-the-go.
Hilton Starbucks
Couple holding Starbucks cups
Fatpour Tap Works

Fatpour Tap Works

Named for the 22-ounce pours, Fatpour Tap Works is a fun hangout spot offering over 200 delicious beers and a wide-ranging pub menu. Great for laid-back meals and socializing with a beer. Fatpour is part of Big Onion Tavern Group.


Apolonia serves cuisine with a European Flair. The menu features many dishes cooked on a grill or wood-burning oven. Look for a custom-blended Apolonia vermouth available on tap, along with cocktails and numerous wines by the glass.
Beautiful AND delicious Grilled Radicchio Nicoise
Haidilao Hot Pot USA

Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao combines a variety of characteristics of hot pot from many places in China. The restaurant serves Szechuan hot pot, in which diners cook their own meat, vegetables, and other items in boiling broth. Haidilao is also famed for its excellent customer service.